Introducing the Wings Helping Eagle Heart Fly...
Erin Jorgensen - PresidentErin Jorgensen - President Since 1988, The Nord Family Foundation has contributed more than $138 million to philanthropic and charitable endeavors. Erin Jorgensen is one of the heirs to continue the legacy of the Foundation. Personally, Erin Jorgensen founded Mirror Image Arts (a non-profit organization) in 2008, because she wanted to “encourage positive body image and self-worth by creating an emotional connection through performance.” In 2018, she is the founder of True North Investments, a real estate asset management corporation. True North, a corporation that continues to support the community through renovation, restoration and building homes for our future. It is easy to see her drive, heart and knowledge within her endeavors. In addition, she is a loving mother and true friend. Her passion to make everything that she touches better than when she found it is apparent through her life, and The Eagle Heart Foundation is honored to have her on our Board of Directors.
Sherry Shone - SecretarySherry Shone - SecretaryI come from a family of intuitives - those driven by a sense of "knowing". I have learned from amazing coaches and mentors how to use this sense to make my life everything I ever wanted and I can't wait to show you how too! Life can be shiny again - brand new and full of the gloss that true enjoyment of a good life can bring. Yes there may be trials and complexities and it doesn't all get solved with just happy thoughts and sunshine. It takes daily reminders, enlightened thinking and listening to your own intuition. One of the ways I most enjoy to inspire is through seminars and speaking on my talk show with great guests that keep me inspired and therefore you too!
Kami Lichtenberg  - TreasurerKami Lichtenberg - TreasurerKami Lichtenberg is the owner operator of FireBright LLC. She is dedicated to empowering people, improving their lives through one-on-one sessions, small and large group speaking engagements, mentoring, and online tools. Kami is honored to serve on the board for The Eagle Heart Foundation. “The Eagle Heart Foundation helped me through an intense and difficult time. I was lucky to have their support and feel privileged offering my skills to the foundation.” She spent 20+ years in the printed circuit board industry performing duties in customer service, process engineering, computer aided manufacturing, as well as AS9100C compliance, and auditing. Kami is a Certified Death Midwife, and has a B.A in Liberal Arts from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado her hometown.
Alanna Croak  -  Board MemberAlanna Croak - Board MemberAlanna Croak is the store manager at Goddess Isis Books and Gifts in Colorado, USA. She is currently working on her degree in Integrative Health. In all that she does, she brings her heart and sharp mind to the task. She has great respect for all walks of life and is very conscious about cultural appropriation. With a warm heart for marginalized groups, The Eagle Heart Foundation is grateful to have her serve with us. In 2015, she received an Award for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement in Ancient Scriptures – and has taught mindfulness and conscious living for many years now. Alanna enjoys crafts, reading, and writing.
Stacie Wilcox - Board MemberStacie Wilcox is from central Appalachia and has spent over 20 years working in community mental health. She has a passion for advocacy and lifting up the voices and leadership of those in marginalized communities. Stacie is a visual artist, mother, and community volunteer, with a belief in utilizing an intersectional lens to examine community needs and social programming. She holds a masters degree in Counseling, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Stacie currently owns Creative Therapy Denver, a private therapy practice in Denver, CO.
Dr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray - Founding DirectorDr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray - Founding DirectorDr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray  has received a Doctorate in Leadership.  With several years' experience in Corporate America with an International Company,  additional time working with the Government, as well as, a College Professor - she is here to share and serve under the name of Granddaughter Crow. Internationally recognized as a Medicine Women and best-selling author, Dr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray was born an Empath and Medium.  She comes from a long lineage of spiritual leaders and esoteric wisdom.  Raised by spiritual leaders, as a child she was fashioned and trained to serve the people through ministry. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage (50%) – she is able to provide a sense of integration through life experience. Inducted into Delta Mu Delta, International Honors Society in 2012 and served on their Board of Directors for the Lambda Sigma Chapter in 2013-201. Voted in as Women of the Year 2015, by the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women).  Featured in Native Max Magazine June/July 2016 issue.
Jeffery Gray - Director of Projects & ProgramsJeffery Gray - Director of Projects & ProgramsJeffrey Gray brings many natural talents, leadership abilities and integrity to The Eagle Heart Foundation. In the beginning of his life, he was a musician. He has been playing the electric bass guitar since 1976. In this capacity, he has been in over 15 bands, toured across the United States and Canada.  He is a leader, who has changed the lives of so many people through honesty and integrity. He is a teacher and craftsman of the natural ways of the world. He is a historian and honors the wisdom of the elders and mother earth. “I want The Eagle Heart Foundation to answer the prayers and songs that we’re cast into the winds over 100 years ago.”
Tra Urban - Director of Public RelationsTra Urban - Director of Public RelationsBorn and raised in the Denver metro area, having left home at the age of 15 Tracy definitely went thru the school of hard knocks. She was a single, young mother with 3 children by the age of 20. Dealing with a never ending hunger for information she went through jobs like locus in a corn field. After many successes in life, acquiring 10 properties in different states, working her way up within the State becoming a Network Analyst and sitting on several committees and boards, almost all of it was washed away in a single swoop. A devastating car accident changed her life forever leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. After suffering the paralysis, her life shifted from Technical to Spiritual. In order to heal, Tracy began to study many different healing modalities. Having been born an Empath with the ability to see and hear Spirit, she felt life had gone full circle. As she began to get in tune with the body it also began to reopen the precious gift of the 3rd eye. After DNA testing, results declared 51% Native American validated why she embraced Indigenous teachings. Now as a Motivational Speaker and Internationally known Medicine Person she travel the globe Teaching, Speaking and being a Divine conduit for healing energy work. Living Her Best Life she loves working with people, bringing knowledge and inspiration.
Garrett Duncan  -  AmbassadorGarrett Duncan - AmbassadorGarrett was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father). His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from the small community of Sanostee, New Mexico. Due to his Navajo heritage, Garrett has always encompassed his spiritual upbringing into his spiritual upbringing into his everyday life. At a young age, Garrett listened to the stories told by his grandparents. He listened to their teachings that reflected their cultural knowledge. Particularly, he was fascinated with the myths and legends of the Dine. The Dine conduct ceremonies to restore health and overall well being. Their philosophy is based on the concept of Sa'ah Naaghai Bik'eh Hozho. "in long life and everlasting beauty". Many of the prayers and songs encompass a dualistic philosophy. An example of this can be read in the phrase stated above. Sa'ah Naaghai translates to "long life" but from a philosophical standpoint it represents the male concept of duality. It is the warrior and the protector. Ceremonies conducted from this aspect are used to provide protection but also to "attack" certain ailments. An example of this would be a serious disease such as cancer. The ceremony would channel energies to be directed and attack that particular ailment so that the patient can heal. The Dine traditional way of healing encompasses all aspects of the human body in order to restore health and harmony of the individual.
Aries Rising Feather  -  AmbassadorAries Rising Feather - AmbassadorHi there! Before we go much further, my pronouns are She/Her, I'm a lesbian, and my name is pronounced like Corinne. Now that the basics are over, I currently live in Denver, though I have also called Colorado Springs, CO and Portland, OR my home. I am a huge dork, so if you want to get to know me, I suggest you learn to talk nerdy to me.